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If you didn’t know, now you know: Winnie The Pooh was based on psychological disorders.

LMFAO. This shit’s gone too far. Stop trying to ass-rape my childhood. Kthanks.

my childhood… gone.



Oh Go On Then .. Give Us a Kiss !

Its a funny old world, ‘innit ? I read somewhere that when Queen Victoria signed the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885, an act intended to suppress brothels, it originally included penalties for homosexual and lesbian conduct but she crossed out all references to lesbianism, stating categorically, “Female homosexuality does not exist.” I wonder what she’d have made of todays newspapers where hardly a day passes without pictures of some female movie or pop ‘star’ lezzing it up with another girl ?

Remember the collective gasp that went up from the worlds news media when Madonna cynically snogged Britney at some tacky award show ? Or the column inches grabbed when Katy Perry trod the same faux sapphic path with her hugely successful hit song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ ? It seems that, having pretty much exhausted all of the fashion options available for being shocking, girls are now dipping into the ‘sexually ambiguous’ dressing-up bag to get attention.

Its not just wannabe female celebs desperate for publicity locking lips either. How often do you see drunken straight girls when you’re out clubbing trying to look outrageous with a little ‘girl-on-girl’ kissing ? Some of them might argue its all about being a ‘strong, liberated female’ who isn’t afraid to ‘explore her sexuality’, which would be fine if it were true. Unfortunately though the ‘girls kissing’ fad seems to be just the currently fashionable way for some straight girls to shock or to grab guys attention. Lets face it, theres nothing most guys like better than seeing a bit of girly snogging so its a very easy button to push.

To state the obvious, someone elses sexual preferences are absolutely no business of mine as mine are no business of theirs. I’m enthusiastically all for girls genuinely following their inclinations, whatever they may be, and I’m only saying here that I’m not impressed by attention-seekers. Nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality. I just personally think its kind of tacky and lacking in self-respect. I mean, how many straight guys do you see who act gay and kiss each other in public to attract girls ? Not a lot, I think.

But who knows ? Maybe I’m just being unduly cynical about the current outbreak of girly-smooching and fundamental changes in sexual orientation really are sweeping like an unstoppable tide through the haunts of celebs and clubbers.

Or maybe not ..:))