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Identità golose 2014

Identità golose 2014


Quest’anno per la prima volta mi è stato concesso un giorno a Identità Golose… mi sono proprio divertità ed ho incontrato persone interessanti…

Nel lounge della sala gialla 3 sono ospite alla degustazione che vede protagonisti 4 chef sardi interpreti delle eccellenze gastromomiche della regione Sardegna .

Un bel match grazie a Achille Pinna, Roberto Petza, Luigi Pomata e Stefano Deidda . Ci hammo deliziato dall’antipasto al dolce tutto accompagna da bollicine franciacortine … Guido Berlucchi  presentate da Cristina Ziliani

A dare il via alle 4 portate è Achille Pinna del ristorante Da Achille , fortunato nasce a Sant’Antioco, isola nell’isola ,   il regno del mare e del buon pesce… e infatti ci regala un piatto con protagonista il muggine…che vive nello “stagno” ad acqua corrente… ilmuggine viene prima marinata e poi lavata con la vernaccia per poi finire affumicata con il leccio … mela sarda “trempa arrubia”…

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BAT-MOBILE exists!

1949: Mercedes Benz SSK “Count Trossi”

“Named after Carlo Trossi, its first owner, designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Only five original SSKs survive today. Trossi bought and sold this car several times from when he first registered it in 1932 through 1949. It eventually ended up with Ralph Lauren”



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In Front of the Lens
In April 1943, still a teenager, Lauren Bacall set out for Hollywood to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

These experimental hair and make-up looks were for her first starring role as ‘Slim’ in the film ‘To Have and Have Not’. This role would not only begin her career but also introduce her to “the first and most electrifying love of her life”, Humphrey Bogart.

THE NAME – Born Betty Joan Perske her name went through various transformations before it became Lauren Bacall. Firstly, after her parents divorced she took her mother’s last name ‘Bacal’ which in later years she would add an extra ‘L’ to the end of to take away confusion over pronunciation and it was the decision of her Warner Bros. manager, Howard Hawkes, to adopt the name ‘Lauren’. He promptly spread the story that it was her grandmother’s name, and thus a star was born.


Behind the Lens
Lauren Bacall began her career in the days of the rigid Hollywood studio system. Major studios such as MGM, Paramount, Warner Bros. and others like them owned their actors and actresses and the stars had little say over what was done to them.

Lauren’s first meeting with the make-up team for this test was less than encouraging. Lauren said of the encounter, “Perc Westmore, the make-up artist, examined my face and said ”Ummhmm, we can pluck your eyebrows, shave your hairline and straighten your teeth.” I was terrified and upset.” Fortunately for Lauren, having quickly spoken to her manager, Howard Hawkes, he reassured her that he had chosen her for her thick eyebrows and crooked teeth and that’s the way they would stay.

– Lauren Bacall, By Myself and Then Some (Autobiography).


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Director: Andrew S Allen
Cinematographer: Jason Sondhi
Production Assistant: Julian Walker
Music: “Come Back” by Lotus Plaza
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