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Viki’s Pepper Experiment from Avatar Nemo on Vimeo.

The pepper and water science trick is one of the easiest magic tricks you can perform. Here’s how to do the trick and an explanation of how it works.
Materials for the Pepper & Water Trick

You only need a few common kitchen ingredients to perform this science magic trick.
black pepper
dishwashing liquid
plate or bowl
Performing the Pepper & Water Trick

Pour water into a plate or bowl.

Shake some pepper onto the water.

If you dip your finger into the pepper and water, nothing much happens.

If you put a drop of dishwashing liquid on your finger and then dip it into the pepper and water the pepper will rush to the outer edges of the dish. If you are doing this as a ‘trick’ then you might have one finger that is clean and another finger that you dipped in detergent before performing the trick.
How the Pepper & Water Trick Works

When you add detergent to water the surface tension of the water is lowered. Water normally bulges up a bit, like what you see when you look at a water drop. When the surface tension is lowered, the water wants to spread out. As the water flattens on the dish, the pepper that is floating on top of the water is carried to the outer edge of the plate as if by magic.

Ohio University is the first to have blowjob classes in America


Enrollment will skyrocket if this true, 

but according to the world wide web …..this topic trending? I seriously doubt it’s true, however I would not be surprised!  

Guy codes tweeted out a few days ago that “Ohio University is the first to have blowjob classes in America"

Some of the responses to this post have been seriously amazing though.

“This class sucks!”

“Every girl gets a D in that class I suppose.”

“Oh yeah, then why weren’t there more gays there?”

“Where are the black dicks, Or their women don’t have these kind of problems?”

“Well, I’m going to Ohio University.”

Followup courses to include Carpet Munching 101, and for the more advanced, Muddy Pockets 205.

Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature

Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature

Just English

The Classics

Browse works by Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad and other famous authors here.

  1. Classic Bookshelf: This site has put classic novels online, from Charles Dickens to Charlotte Bronte.
  2. The Online Books Page: The University of Pennsylvania hosts this book search and database.
  3. Project Gutenberg: This famous site has over 27,000 free books online.
  4. Page by Page Books: Find books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells, as well as speeches from George W. Bush on this site.
  5. Classic Book Library: Genres here include historical fiction, history, science fiction, mystery, romance and children’s literature, but they’re all classics.
  6. Classic Reader: Here you can read Shakespeare, young adult fiction and more.
  7. Read Print: From George Orwell to Alexandre Dumas to George Eliot to Charles Darwin, this online library is stocked with the best classics.
  8. Planet eBook: Download free classic literature titles here…

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