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Since we launched Swarm two months ago, it’s been growing really fast. Currently, about 75% of people who check in now do so on Swarm. It’s been pretty intense keeping up with the growth (Foursquare didn’t have that many users for a few years), and you guys have sent a ton of feedback, both to

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The Writing Duel: A Poem and Question


Poetic Parfait

The pen in the writing duel poem The ballpoint pen, up close and personal in a writing duel. Photo Source: By Samsara at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons Which do you prefer to use when you write, the pen and paper or the keyboard? Do you mainly type out your thoughts or do you use pen and paper instead? I use both but do mainly use the computer keyboard. I find it so much faster to type than to handwrite words! Here is a poem that came from my musings:

The Writing Duel

Poor pen
Laying in the corner, hovering over
Paper and hoping for a hand to
Come its way.

Spotlight is on the keyboard,
Clicking sounds heard from the keys,
As the fingers play with letters.

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…i luoghi del vino… presentazione del Progetto…



1926: Hitchcock directs!
Amanda July 16, 2014 1920-1929, TV & film

Alfred Hitchcock (in foreground, pointing) directing “The Mountain Eagle” (1926), a silent feature presumed lost.