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…i luoghi del vino… presentazione del Progetto…



1926: Hitchcock directs!
Amanda July 16, 2014 1920-1929, TV & film

Alfred Hitchcock (in foreground, pointing) directing “The Mountain Eagle” (1926), a silent feature presumed lost.


13th September 1952: Charlie Chaplin (as devil) before leaving America by Richard Avedon

“Influential American fashion photographer Richard Avedon (1923-2004) took this photo of Charlie Chaplin in 1952 before the actor/director/music composer left Hollywood to get back to London.

“He had a lot of problems with the Committee of Un-American Activities because his film, “Modern Times” (1936) had mass appeal among communists living in the US at the time. Ultimately, Chaplin, who had established himself in America, got back to London and moved on to film “A King in New York” (1957) as a parody of the country and its legal system.”