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Here’s an awesome new Google trick you’ll want to try on Halloween

Here’s an awesome new Google trick you’ll want to try on Halloween


Halloween is coming up and you might not feel up to slathering your face with makeup, fake blood, and whatever else comes with Halloween costumes these days. Now you don’t have to because Google has a new trick that will take your photos and “Halloweenify” them.

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Halloween Poem: Heads Roll


Poetic Parfait

Halloween pumpkin, Sanok 2012 Halloween Poem and a Pumpkin With Halloween just around the corner, I think a fun poem is one to put on the menu. I pair this poem with a plate of eyeballs, vampire fangs and gummy worms. Silliness and poetry can be a fun combination for Halloween!

Heads Roll

You said heads are going to roll
And you were right –
A few of them just rolled right by me!

That was two minutes before the
Vampire opened his mouth to
Take a bite of my neighbor’s neck and
My own blood turned cold.

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Booktrailer Alla scoperta delle diversità e completezza (double exposure) from Gianfranco Grenar on Vimeo.

Opera poetica di Salvatore Scuderi. Booktrailer prodotto da Grenar Lab e Regia di Gianfranco Grenar. Con Francesca Montanaro, Mariagrazia Bellini. Per l’acquisto:

Double exposure photography technique applied to moving images.

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