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A Toast to the New Year

A Toast to the New Year

Poetic Parfait

Celebrate New Years with Flutes and a Poem Flute Glasses at New Years: Time to celebrate! Photo: Bill Masson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

The Flutes

Why hello there Mr. Flute,
And how is the Mrs.?
Is she polishing her sides to fill with
Delicious bubbly at midnight?

You and the Mrs.
Clank together so perfectly,
Was it love at first sight in the box?

I hold you by your stem and
Get ready to raise you to the ceiling,
Don’t be scared of the height as
It is your time to shine!

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Free Books and a Progress Report of My Book


Poetic Parfait

Let's read free books He is reading, right now! Free books, anyone? Photo: Kamil Porembiński , CC BY-SA 2.0, via

Ah, how delightful to wake up and be surrounded by notification of new books to read! Particularly since I just posted yesterday about finding time to read even when you’re busy. By the way, thank you to everyone yesterday who offered additional tips in the comments section of the post. Feel free to browse the useful suggestions there.

Book Win from Jo Robinson, Woohoo!

Okay, now back to the new books to read. I awoke to an email from author Jo Robinson telling me that I won the book launch tour giveaway yesterday for three of her books. How exciting! You can find out more about her books at Jo Robinson blog. I will review them once I have read them. I will also review The White Horseman by J.S. Graydon once…

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How to Find Time to Read When You’re Mega Busy

How to Find Time to Read When You’re Mega Busy

Poetic Parfait

Reading a Book Even When You're Busy How to Find Time to Read. Photo: Karoly Czifra, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

It’s not a news flash that days fly by, particularly at the holidays. When one of your favorite pastimes is reading, it’s great to be able to make time for it. Books are great for teaching us about the world, escaping realities and even making us laugh. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to find the time to read… or so it seems. Between work, family and more, the minutes seem to go so fast. Here are some ways to find time to read even when you’re mega busy.

Prioritize Tasks

Aha, you say, but I already prioritize my day. Okay, I get that, but what about that time when you are watching television or playing a Facebook game? If you want to make more time to read in your day, prioritize tasks. This means that…

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Nay version 3.0 – The Amazing Race of Silicon Valley

Nay version 3.0 – The Amazing Race of Silicon Valley

See Hear Speak No Evil



Yesterday was my best friend Nay’s birthday.  And. She. Was.Turning. 30! Ohhhhh nooo…

So in true best friend style I had been planning for months to make this the best 30th birthday she could imagine.  You only turn 30 once and it’s usually at this time of a woman’s life that the questions start to come… today was going to be too busy of a day to question (and that was the plan – to focus on what SHE loves and not what society deems you should have done by your 30).

NB As a side note she’s a very accomplished woman – and should never question… She has a Bachelor’s degree AND Master’s degree.  As well as that she made her own way to the USA from Lebanon.  Additionally she works for a ‘very fancy’ high tech company in the Silicon Valley.  The list goes on but I…

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Compassion Crew – Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art from simon landrein on Vimeo.

Last summer I did this music video for Compassion crew. 6 minutes in a train meeting good people.
I hope you will enjoy as much as I had fun doing it.
See details below to get all the good details about it. Enjoy!

Taken from the ‘Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art’ 12" out on ‘Major Problems’. A ‘Vinyl-Only’ release.

Video ‘Concept & Illustration’ by ‘Simon Landrein’

Buy Here:

All City Records:

Juno Records:

Clone Records:

//////////Compassion Crew – Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art (Major Problems Records)//////////

A1. Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art
A2. Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art (Panic Chicago)
B1. Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art (Leisure Connection Remix)