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What No One Tells You About Emma Watson, New UN Goodwill Ambassador


When Women Inspire

Actress Emma Watson is more than just a celebrity Emma Watson: What no one tells you about her. Photo Source: By derivative work: Tabercil (talk). CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you haven’t heard the update yet, you may be surprised that the newest UN women’s goodwill ambassador is actress and model Emma Watson. The announcement came on July 8 about Watson’s new role in the organization that strives to achieve gender equality. Shock over the choice of 24-year-old Watson may certainly be the response if you know her best (or perhaps solely) as spunky Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series. However, the British actress also has a lot of volunteer work in her portfolio that no one seems to tell you about, which has helped to earn her the current UN honor. Here is more about her charity work:

Emma Watson’s Role in Hurricane Sandy

While the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy will never be forgotten, it is…

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August 2007.

Destinations: Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. HELP_LOGO~2_20140722200920090(1)

Fascinated from the moment that my feet stepped the African floor, the light of the sun, the sky and the smell of the environment, the landscape and the people. All together one day and another one made born in me the roots of a strong tree like a big baobab, the tree of my feelings for be there and share, help the people even with small things. After 31 days I didn’t want to go back to my country but the way to help was having a salary and my job was waiting for me, back from my unforgettable trip. I felt like never before when I was coming back from holidays in different continents and countries… From the first day back in Spain I realized I became addicted; addicted  to the smiles of the children playing around me, to the calmed…

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