These are the most polluted neighborhoods in your city

These are the most polluted neighborhoods in your city


Some cities are known for their cleanliness, and some are notorious for smog and poor air quality. It’s a fact of the carbon-burning world we live in, coupled with the geographical features of the places we occupy. In Los Angeles, the surrounding mountains keep emissions inside the valley, making its air the most polluted in the nation. In Miami, fresh ocean air is constantly pushed into the city, giving it some of the best quality air in the nation.

But within these cities, there are disparities. Often, neighborhoods with higher percentages of minorities have lower air quality than their whiter counterparts. Minorities face around 40 percent more exposure to toxic air pollution overall, according to a study conducted last year by the University of Minnesota.

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a tool aimed at exposing these disparities. It allows users to map out their…

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