Facebook Fails To Improve Diversity Despite Rapid Hiring

Facebook Fails To Improve Diversity Despite Rapid Hiring


Facebook’s team is still dominated by white and Asian men. Diversity improved only slightly despite Facebook adding 2897 employees this year,according to its new demographic report. The 10,082-person company has only 1% more women as a share of all employees than a year ago despite a 40% increase in head count. And the company made no quantifiable progress growing its percentage of non-Asian ethnic minorities across the whole company or in its tech jobs.

The biggest area of progress was that Facebook’s non-tech employee percentage of women grew from 47% to 52%. Any other gains were limited to a 1% increase in the female or hispanic demographic’s share of employees.

Facebook does not disclose the exact counts of employees in different categories. Increasing the percentage of women as a share of all employees by 1% would increase the total number of women working at Facebook by several percent.

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