Yahoo To Get Its Iconic San Francisco Billboard Back

Yahoo To Get Its Iconic San Francisco Billboard Back


Happy 20th Birthday, Yahoo!

What did you get, what did you get? I bet there’ll be parties galore. Gifts, prizes. Presents!


A Billboard?

THE Billboard.

If you’ve lived in, or have ever been to, the Bay Area, you’ve probably seen the Yahoo Billboard (it’s on Interstate 80). It was a pretty sad day for a lot of Yahoos when it was taken down in 2011, and Mayer is all about keeping the legacy of the purple company intact.

Fun fact: that billboard survived four different CEOs. Now it gets its fifth. It went up in 1999 under Tim Koogle.
BONUS fun fact: the billboard was featured in the 1999 film Inspector Gadget

It’ll have a new look, of course, and also be a place where the company can pimp its products, new and old.

Here’s a look at the current construction:

The company is…

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