Is React killing Angular?


Answer by Kamil Przeorski:

I made already 4 commercial reactJS apps (btw. ping me via email on github, I could be for hire).

1) One of the serious killer feature is server-side rendering. It's very unique and useful feature of react, especially for high-traffic websites where the user experience must be a top-notch.

2) ReactJS Reddit popularity stats are growing on average 40%+ per month (sic!)

CHECK THE reddit /r/reactjs/about/traffic GROWTH STATS:

NOTE: angularJS has stagnated in terms of popularity. Check the /r/angularjs/about/traffic as well

3) ReactJS is easier to grasp in order to be efficient – when hiring an experienced JS/angularJS an average CTO/manager wants a developer to become work-efficient in reactJS in just 7-14 days. It's not the case when you are going to learn monolith's angularjs.

You can learn a lot from my reactJS-flux starter kit (przeor/react-router-flux-starter-kit) and other my github repositories on: przeor (Kamil Przeorski)

4) Web-componization is the future: reactJS allows it so you could have more modular and clean code which saves a lot money for web-enterprises especially in bigger projects which has to be maintained for years.

A summary: reactJS is slowly "killing" angularJS because has much more opportunity in terms that it's still a young library which has a great growth rate where angularJS has stagnated.

Of course the word "killing" can't be used here literally. I believe that "react is killing angular" is a good analogy what may happen in next few years. We will see.

Is React killing Angular?


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