Is Scala the true heir for Java?


Answer by Yang Zhang:

Here's what the JVM language leadership has to say about Scala:

  • James Gosling, one of the people behind Java, when asked "Which Programming Language would you use now on top of JVM, except Java?", gave an answer that was "surprisingly fast and very clear: Scala"…
  • Neal Gafter, Java language designer, endorses Scala in the Programming In Scala book: "Will Scala be the next great language? Only time will tell. Martin Odersky and his team certainly have the taste and skill for the job. One thing is sure: Scala sets a new standard against which future languages will be measured."
  • Charles Nutter, creator of JRuby: "Scala, it must be stated, is the current heir apparent to the Java throne. No other language on the JVM seems as capable of being a "replacement for Java" as Scala, and the momentum behind Scala is now unquestionable."…
  • James Strachan, creator of Groovy: "I can honestly say if someone had shown me the Programming in Scala book by by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon & Bill Venners back in 2003 I'd probably have never created Groovy."…

Is Scala the true heir for Java?

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