Do I need an SSL certificate for an Ecommerce website?


Answer by Mit Gajjar:

First of All, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secures the communication between web browser and server. So if user enters login credentials, banking details, private information etc can be secured by SSL Certificate. So if a website collects these information then SSL is mandatory.

As you says your website is redirecting customer to Payment gateway to initiate the payment process, but customer's information such as user_Id, password, name, email, address, phone number, etc… would be collected by your website. These are sensitive information which can be traceable by Hackers if prior security environment is not available. SSL Certificate is the best option to secure such customer information.

SSL not only built to secure user information, but it can also secure website from phishing scams, malware & threat attacks an other cyber attacks.

Why SSL is Golden-key for E-commerce business?

  1. It builds user trust
  2. Helps you to generate more revenue
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits, as SSL is ranking factor for Google search results.
  4. Secure website from Cyber Attacks
  5. Secure sensitive information

SSL mainly categories in 3 Types
1. Domain Validation – used is to secure small level domains.
2. Organization Validation – used to secure medium/large level business
3. Extended Validation – Used to secure large scale E-commerce business.

 So for E-commerce website security Extended Validation (EV) SSL suits best.

Do I need an SSL certificate for an Ecommerce website?

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