What is the best way to get traffic on your blog? SEO, SMM, PR, etc?


Answer by Stephen Jeske:

Ask 49 people the best way to generate traffic and you'll probably get 49 different answers. Instead of offering up yet another opinion, I suggest you research your competition to see how they are getting traffic.
One tool you can use is SimilarWeb.com – Competitive Intelligence Tool which has both paid and free versions. Personally, I find that the free version contains a wealth information. Here's a screen shot to give you an idea:
So if you see that you competitor(s) are getting most of their traffic from Search, then it's probably a good idea to focus your efforts on SEO. On the other hand, if Social is generating a boat load of traffic, then SMM is most likely where you'll want to spend your time. (The SimilarWeb report even shows you what social media platforms are generating the traffic.)
You'll need to dig deeper than this in order to make an informed decision.  But at least this is a good start in the right direction.
Base your decisions on data as opposed to opinion and you'll get better results.
Every situation is unique and what may work in one case might totally flop in another. So let the data guide you.

What is the best way to get traffic on your blog? SEO, SMM, PR, etc?

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