How do you make an unknown brand compelling in social media?


Answer by Andrew Krebs-Smith:

You can make an unknown brand compelling in social media by engaging with users who self-identify as members of your target audience, showing them where they can get what they’re looking for. With a limited budget, a large-scale campaign may not be feasible. In this case, focusing on reaching out to individual people, or groups of people, is a more cost-efficient way to position your brand as compelling to the people who matter most. Twitter is an effective tool for doing this because you can access the billions of conversations occurring all over the world. Think of keywords your target audience might be tweeting about. If it’s a local business, as you mentioned, you can narrow down the search results by location on

An example of how this can be put into practice is in regards to a client we worked on not too long ago. The brand was a local women’s gym, one that had a unique offering: a stiletto workout class. Using to unearth all of the people in the NYC area who were tweeting about stiletto workouts, we were able to reach out and let them know where they can find exactly what they’re looking for.

How do you make an unknown brand compelling in social media?

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