What are the hottest startups in the analytics space?


Answer by Firat Kader:

Hi everyone, I want to introduce the best app analytic tool startup company in the market. AppAnalytics.io  makes a quick market entry and it continues to growth fast.  AppAnalytics.io is seen so cool. AppAnalytics.io is not a traditional mobile analytic tool. Thanks to user friendliness, AppAnalytics.io  satisfied customers. AppAnalytics.io provides does not only event based analytics, but also user based analytic. Thanks to Crash & Exception Analytics, AppAnalytics.io helps developer. Developers can realize  where they made mistake in match line.
AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics has all event based in-app analytics, but on top of that we have unique real time features like:
Heat Map Analytics: AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics provides all touch or specific touch heat map (first touch, second touch, third touch, etc.) screen by screen.
Gesture Recognition: AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics automatically recognizes all gestures and categorizing them to provide meaningful insights (pinch, zoom in, zoom out, swipe to all directions, scroll, tap, double tap, triple tap, time between touches, quits, views, etc.)
Device Interactions: In your mobile application your users are also interacting with devices in different ways like shake, tilt, orientation change, etc. You can easily get insights about these interactions on AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics.
User Analytics: You’re able to see all user analytics – sessions, retentions, user engagements, locations, firmware, and devices- to improve your CX onAppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics.
In-App Analytics (Event Based Analytics): AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics provides event-based analytics with parameters defined by you. AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics automatically defines all these events on your dashboard.
Push Notification Analytics: AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics provides all push notification analytics and lets you create funnels to identify your users’ reactions after push notifications.
Advanced Conversion Funnels: AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics lets you create both event based and navigation based funnels to understand your users’ behaviors. Also you’re able to see previous data when you create a funnel by retrospective analytics.
Crash & Exception Analytics: You’re able to see all your crashes, times, reasons, class, stack trace and reproduction steps by using AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics.

You also get user interface suggestions (most unresponsive gestures, most viewed screens, highest quit rates, most interactive screens), user insights (devices, sessions, locations) and navigation flow from AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics.

Benefits of AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics
With our app analytics solution you can:
–        Detect and change weak and unresponsive areas in your application
–        Measure and optimize your conversion funnels and easily see the breakdown of funnels’ activity day by day
–        Increase your user retention by optimizing your push notifications and responding to your users’ needs and demands rapidly
–        Increase the stability of your application by using our real time crash and exception analytics reporting
–        Maximize your user engagement by providing outstanding user experience

It's compatible with iOS and Windows Platforms and Android is coming soon. All our data is real time and the SDK is low footprint and easy to integrate (it takes just one line of code to integrate).

You can try it for free here: AppAnalytics | Mobile App Analytics

Please let me know if I can help you with installing it and trying it out 🙂

Stay with love,
Fırat Kader

What are the hottest startups in the analytics space?

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