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Human- The Name of Her Being


Everything I Never Told You


Imagine the soulless trafficker
holding a young girl’s life in his hands.

Imagine the young girl in front of him,
eyes glazed from the heroin
he’s forced her to inject.

The unturned years stolen.

Her body’s lexicon
the clamor of sharks to blood,
the swarm of hornets.

Raped. Beaten. Used up.
Innocent debased.

He’s taken it all.
Leaving burnt trunk and a once
flourishing root decimated.

Imagine sprayed bullets,
sparkling on the
grimy warehouse floor.

Imagine the now bulging
eyes of the child, the girl
who doesn’t stop being dead.

The tragic wreckage of greed
splayed on the ground.

Let her gone dreams haunt you.
Don’t allow her to become
an apathetic byte on the news,
incapable of ruining your family’s dinner.

For a moment at least,
be conscious, not comfortable.

Allow her to bare her teeth
and demand that you see her loss.

This child, born into a world

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Why did Facebook shut down Friendfeed?


Answer by Bret Taylor:

Very few people used it anymore, and most of the engineers who knew how to keep things running had moved on to other projects or companies. At some point, the technical burden of keeping the service up was just not worth it.

I think Facebook was amazing for keeping it running as long as it did. They kept it up for no other reason than respect for its small but passionate base of remaining users. Few acquirers would do that, and it something the entire team genuinely appreciates.

Why did Facebook shut down Friendfeed?

Adaptive Life Cycles by PMBOK

Adaptive Life Cycles by PMBOK

Great Project Manager!

Interesting fact.

Agile actually has a global impact on project management standard, especially on PMBOK. Just take last PMBOK edition (5th) and read article about Adaptive Life Cycles. Conclusions is your own deal 🙂 Adaptive Life Cycles
Adaptive life cycles (also known as change-driven or agile methods) are intended to respond to high levels of change and ongoing stakeholder involvement. Adaptive methods are also iterative and incremental, but differ in that iterations are very rapid (usually with a duration of 2 to 4 weeks) and are fixed in time and cost. Adaptive projects generally perform several processes in each iteration, although early iterations may concentrate more on planning activities.
The overall scope of the project will be decomposed into a set of requirements and work to be performed,
sometimes referred to as a product backlog. At the beginning of an iteration, the team will work to determine how many of the highest priority items…

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The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”



secret-history-monsantoHanzai E, Lost in the Bamboo Forest

Of all the mega-corps running amok, Monsanto has consistently outperformed its rivals, earning the crown as “most evil corporation on Earth!” Not content to simply rest upon its throne of destruction, it remains focused on newer, more scientifically innovative ways to harm the planet and its people.

As true champions of evil, they won’t stop until…well, until they’re stopped! But what is Monsanto and how did they get to be so obscenely evil in the first place? I think that’s the best place to start this journey, so grab a few non-GMO snacks or beverages and let’s go for a ride into the deep, murky sewers of their dark past.

1901: The company is founded by John Francis Queeny, a member of the Knights of Malta, a thirty year pharmaceutical veteran married to Olga Mendez Monsanto, for which Monsanto Chemical Works…

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Poem: Seconds within Moments

Poem: Seconds within Moments

Poetic Parfait

Life moves fast, doesn’t it? It is a selection of seconds, moments, hours, days, and… You get the point. It is a blur some days and then suddenly a moment comes that makes you go, “Aha, I realize how short life is.” And then you breathe deeply and plant a foot in a world that brings you comfort. For me, today, it is the blogging world.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me, left a comment on my blog (here or on When Women Inspire), sent me a note on a social media network or contacted me another way. I appreciate you all. I am grateful for you all.

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