What is Difference Feminism?

What is Difference Feminism?

When Women Inspire

Thoughts of feminism, in particular difference feminism On difference feminism, some thoughts. Photo via Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain)

Have you heard of “difference feminism”? As I continue to research and learn about feminism, it is a concept that I have noted and wanted to share here. While some people assume feminism encompasses a single idea or movement, there are actually a range of types within it. Here is more about difference feminism.

Definition of Difference Feminism

According to difference feminism, which is also referred to as essentialist feminism, there are biological differences between men and women. If you read Carol Gilligan’s In a Different Voice, for example, you will note that she theorizes men and women speak in different ways, as well thinking differently. A supporter of difference feminism would note that the differences between men and women create inequality between them and that they are not to be treated as equals.

According to this perspective, an example of a difference that…

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