How is Go used at Google?


How is Go used at Google? by @rlove

Answer by Robert Love:

I'm hard pressed to beat Rob Pike's talk Go at Google, which covers exactly this question directly from the mouth of the expert.

Powered by Go is also a great talk. It covers moving our download system from C++ to Go.

Go is designed specifically as a systems programming language for large, distributed systems and highly-scalable network servers. In that vein, it replaces C++ and Java in Google's software stack. Many teams are looking at building new servers in Go; some are even considering migrating existing codebases. Some of the Google technology you use everyday has components written in Go.

I view Go as a general-purpose replacement for C++ for systems tasks, but where it shines most is building highly-scalable I/O systems. The use of Go Routines and Channels can replace 100s and even 1000s of lines of C++ managing threads, callbacks, and state machines with 10s of lines. It really is a nice language for such tasks.

How is Go used at Google?

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