What is the toughest coding question that you faced in an interview?


What is the toughest coding question that you faced in an interview? by @ardit33

Answer by Ardit Bajraktari:

You have 3 hours to build a game of "battleship", and give a presentation of it (both the game, and the code) to the rest of the team.
Extra nice features: online play, nice looking ui, etc.

A proper multi-player battleship game takes a lot more time than that.  It is a question that forces you to do compromises and decide on what the MVP is going to be.  Also it forces you to adjust what is important, and throw away features/things that you don't have to have during the development, once you realize how much you can complete during that time with your ongoing pace.

It is also a question that reveals how good can an engineer keep their composure when under pressure:  do they build proper data structures, nice logic/presentation separation,  or do they just spaghetti code the whole thing?

While you can learn 'puzzle style' questions, and find shortcuts to them, there is no way an engineer can fake through something like this.

What is the toughest coding question that you faced in an interview?

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