My son got an offer from a 1-year-old startup by some very senior folks from Google. The pay is good and product idea is good, but it’s a…


My son got an offer from a 1-year-old startup by some very senior folks from Google. The pay is good and… by @mdroz8

Answer by Mike Karmindro:

Get your son to put in his 2 weeks notice.

Whether you realize it or not, your question has a wealth of information that makes this decision a no brainer.

Here's my assessment on the situation.

Startup founded by X-Senior-Googlers.  Enough said about the team, esp if they are engineers.

And the pay is goodYou mean he won't have to take a big pay cut in exchange for more potential financial reward (via options),  more interesting/challenging work, an amazing learning experience (being able to work with very smart people),  having a significant impact on a company's success, and acquiring skills that may help him to start his own company one day?  Awesome.

The company is 1 year old.  What does that tell me?  The hires in the early stage of a startup are key to the success of the company.  I consider 1 year still pretty early.     I know nothing about your son, but if these X-Googlers want to hire him this early, he's got to be pretty bright and good at what he does.   These founders are going to be super picky about who they hire, and they chose your son.  Congrats.

Also I'm willing to bet these guys have a pretty good shot at raising money from investors (if they haven't raise plenty already).  Investors know a lot of successful startups are built from former x-employees from top companies like Google.

OK, let's play devil's advocate here.  Let's look at your biggest fear, which is probably the company fails and your son is left without a job.  First, it's going to look great on his resume that a startup built by x-googlers hired him as an early employee.  And remember, your son is probably quite in-demand if these guys want him on their team.  So he's probably going to find another job pretty easily.  And don't forget the amazing experience he just acquired.

I feel very strongly about this because I don't want your son to miss a golden opportunity in his career, especially one that in my opinion has zero risk for him.  I almost walked away from an offer I got from a startup without nearly as good circumstances as your son has, and it turned out to be the single best decision I ever made. 



My son got an offer from a 1-year-old startup by some very senior folks from Google. The pay is good and product idea is good, but it's a…

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