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a video of people running backwards put in reverse is like they’re being chased by someone mildly intimidating


Wtf kind if event is this?

reblog again

Vídeo de gente corriendo hacia atrás pero dado la vuelta, porque sí.

rosalinastan:tiny-crecher:literally LOOKING at that made me claustrophobic buti found the bathtub…




literally LOOKING at that made me claustrophobic but

i found the bathtub 🙂




please explore this place with me. the 3D walkthrough has completely shattered my mind

I’m in distress over the carpeted urinals and tandem shitting rooms

  • “blue lick road”
  • carpeted urinal
  • cat spotted
  • this place is a maze????
  • how did i end up over there
  • mmm dead end
  • or is it?
  • it is not there is another room
  • oh i went in a circle
  • cat haha

there’s also no way this place follows euclidian geometry


Here’s the floor plan for the basement/ground floor, if it gives you any inkling of what you’re in for here

the house is in four distinct sections. There is no way to access the second portion of the top floor without walking down a half flight to the entryway, down another half flight to the ground floor, finding your way through the ground floor into the second portion of the ground floor, then up a different flight of stairs to access the second portion of the top floor

update: there is a fifth segment of this house and i have no idea how to get in. i think you might have to go outside, it’s in between the two main floors.but it doesn’t seem to be a garage…