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Everything I Never Told You


I am less than.
My insignificance a common thing.
I’m a particle of dust but even I
sparkle in certain light.
At night I float around pages
filled with words that
no one will remember.
I sing a melancholy tune.
Bare and ruined.
I pray to the God of dust bunnies,
who is adored or loathed by all
the other particles.

Everyday we lift up our dusty eyes
to the ceiling, hoping for a skylight
to reveal the heavens. All the while
awaiting our death sentence by rag.
Resigned to our fate we conversed
with the ashes and await our downfall.

-Tosha Michelle

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Social Times – Consumers Value Social Media Presence — But Some Small Businesses Aren’t Buying


TECHMarket Communications

social times

August 14, 2015

By Kimberlee Morrison


Small businesses stand to gain a lot from engaging with social media. Reviews and other user-generated content can yield a great return and drive purchases. However, according to data from digital display software provider Enplug, 34 percent of small business owners don’t think social media can provide value for their business.

Enplug commissioned market research firm YouGov to survey small business owners and consumers, to find how they felt about social media’s impact on business. YouGov polled 506 American small business owners and 1,155 consumers between Feb. 27 and March 2.

The results largely indicated that small business owners aren’t aware of the weight consumers give to social media content. Small businesses are missing out on great opportunities when they hesitate to engage with customers online.

Thirty-six percent of businesses don’t maintain a social media presence that allows users to comment. The problem…

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