Which programming language is/was the prettiest and/or most readable?


Which programming language is/was the prettiest and/or most readable? by @mpjme

Answer by Mattias Petter Johansson:

I dislike CoffeeScript for other reasons, but it's very pretty:

# Assignment:
number   = 42
opposite = true

# Conditions:
number = -42 if opposite

# Functions:
square = (x) -> x * x

# Arrays:
list = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

# Objects:
math =
  root:   Math.sqrt
  square: square
  cube:   (x) -> x * square x

# Splats:
race = (winner, runners...) ->
  print winner, runners

# Existence:
alert "I knew it!" if elvis?

# Array comprehensions:
cubes = (math.cube num for num in list)

Follow me if you're interested in this kind of stuff.

Which programming language is/was the prettiest and/or most readable?

What are the most common lies told by programmers?


What are the most common lies told by programmers? by Martin Katz

Answer by Martin Katz:

Many of the answers you see here are management lies, not programmer lies. Prototypes are proof of concept and/or skeletons of a part of a program. Managers have been known to ship proof of concept as product – they usually are not looking at the long-term picture. The same thing with sloppy/hacky/elite/untested code.

On average, programmers under estimate the work by a factor of 2, because they forget about testing/QA. If there is no detailed design, that can be a factor of 3. Good managers know about this and correct for it (they keep track of expected versus actual delivery for each programmer and can get better estimates after two or three tasks).

Good development requires spending a lot of time studying what the user wants and needs. This includes the format and environment for the program (for example, under Microsoft Windows, disconnecting from the network without logging out and then logging back in will complicate any program immensely). The needs should be negotiated with the client. This should be fleshed-out to include screen appearance and response to user actions under various conditions (Analysis) and a specification provided that the user can understand (and negotiate). A design should be developed that converts the specification to procedures or functions with secific parameters and well documented activity. Tests should be developed for each item in the design (based on the design) before implementation of the procedure or function. Tests should always be written by a person different from the person who writes the implementation (often each will have a different understanding of what the procedure is supposed to do).

When a manager asks a programmer to implement something without a clear connection back through the design and analysis, there is usually insufficient information for the programmer to get the solution right the first time. The manager expects the programmer to write tests and test the code without enough information, and nobody to check the tests. Without suffiicient initial information, the repairs can take several times longer than writing the code in the first place.

Because of poor communication and/or management style, the program seems to be 80% or 90% complete when 80% of the work still remains. Only poor managers allow release of software without tests and documentation (and most programmers do not push back when the manager attempts to rush things). The other side of this is that most programmers do not like writing tests or documentation.

What are the most common lies told by programmers?

How is Go used at Google?


How is Go used at Google? by @rlove

Answer by Robert Love:

I'm hard pressed to beat Rob Pike's talk Go at Google, which covers exactly this question directly from the mouth of the expert.

Powered by Go is also a great talk. It covers moving our download system from C++ to Go.

Go is designed specifically as a systems programming language for large, distributed systems and highly-scalable network servers. In that vein, it replaces C++ and Java in Google's software stack. Many teams are looking at building new servers in Go; some are even considering migrating existing codebases. Some of the Google technology you use everyday has components written in Go.

I view Go as a general-purpose replacement for C++ for systems tasks, but where it shines most is building highly-scalable I/O systems. The use of Go Routines and Channels can replace 100s and even 1000s of lines of C++ managing threads, callbacks, and state machines with 10s of lines. It really is a nice language for such tasks.

How is Go used at Google?

The Perks Of Dating Much Older Men

The Perks Of Dating Much Older Men

The Little Mermaid

When it comes to dating, the rotten rule that has been around for generations states that it is socially acceptable for a person to be romantically involved with someone who’s age is at least half your age plus seven. However, there are people, SANE people, who deviate from the norm and date someone much younger or older than them; which, in my humble opinion, is totally fine as long as both individuals connect.

In my post, I’m going to write on the advantages a young woman has when she dates an older man, say +15 years her senior. While you must be cudgelling your brains about what has triggered me to blog on this, let me confess beforehand that as a young woman myself, I find older men enormously attractive. They are a whole package! And the fascinating thing with them is that they equate me on many levels –…

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legno recuperato: arredare con le scatole…fai da te


proposte di arredo e prodotti di design

A seguito del post pubblicato il 20 Settembre 2012, Fra G. mi ha gentilmente inviato questa foto e  quindi la pubblico molto volentieri!

Ha riciclato delle belle casse per il vino, e le ha appese alla parete come fossero dei contenitori a giorno…e il risultato è molto piacevole non trovi anche tu?

casse per il vino appese alla parete come contenitori

Allora ho deciso di cercare altre immagini, così da invogliare a cimentarti con il fai da te:

semplicemente bello il tavolino fatto con le cassette della frutta….magari non avrei messo le bottiglie del latte…

tavolino realizzato con cassette della frutta

niente a posto ma tutto in ordine per la stanza dei ragazzi o un piccolo ufficio in casa…

cassette appese per realizzare un piccolo ufficio

ma anche per la cucina si può fare qualcosa

pensile e base con casse di vino per la cucina

e per il soggiorno? Una…

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Running in Heels


Raves & Reviews

RUNNINGINHEELSSYNOPSIS: More than a memoir—this book is a promise of hope for anyone who was abandoned as a child, to anyone who woke up hungry and went to bed hungrier every day, for every wife who has loved a husband who left bruises on her heart and on her body.

Somewhere between stealing cold cuts from stray cats and watching a stranger leave her mother’s bed after breaking in through their bedroom window, Mary figured out that her family was dirt poor. Worse than her empty stomach, she was hungry for acceptance and love. She thought she found it when her baby sister was born and she became her “mommy”, taking care of her needs as best she could at the age of seven. Then she had to say goodbye over a small white casket.

Mary’s grandparents, first generation immigrants from Puerto Rico, took her in and gave her a…

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The Invitation


Everything I Never Told You


I’m dreaming of you.
No, someone like you.

Someone who receives
my invitation and can’t
wait to come over.

My house, lit up by
moonshine and heart
light, awaits your arrival.

I bake a cake in expectation.
I’m hoping to sit with you
on the front porch, and
converse in real ways
where I can sit with my
legs crisscross and
not worry about how I look
with my hair up in a bun, no
make up on. You’ll look beyond
the shallow and see grace.

We’ll see our way to the
other side of the conversation,
your side, my side, our side.
And I won’t want more
than I have, now or before.

Did you receive my invitation?
My someone, my someone like you?
I’ve tenderly adjusted the view.
No backbends or recrimination,
not a single back wound.

Come over. The door and chapter remain open.
Rest here with…

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