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Tell me how you suffer
in notes both high
and low.

Tell me why everything
is rarely enough in a
world that is collapsing.
The sky nothing more
than cornbread crumbs.

Why do we not
notice this?

Tell me how we got lost
in a word of logins, of likes,
of tweets, a web of passwords.

When did Google
become a verb?

Tell me why people are disposable,
and we are constantly
judging our life
by the lives of others?

When I hear music,
my life shifts.
Layers of overstimulated
brain cells shed
their skin.

Dress me
in your melody.

Tell me in a song
why we love
something we
refuse to talk about.

Let your tune speak
of shattered knees,
barbwire fences
cutting into roads,
illness, loneliness.

Sing me
your pain.

Tell me how words
in old books
draw you near.
How their ghosts still reflect
pleasures recalled.


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Do I need an SSL certificate for an Ecommerce website?


Answer by Mit Gajjar:

First of All, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secures the communication between web browser and server. So if user enters login credentials, banking details, private information etc can be secured by SSL Certificate. So if a website collects these information then SSL is mandatory.

As you says your website is redirecting customer to Payment gateway to initiate the payment process, but customer's information such as user_Id, password, name, email, address, phone number, etc… would be collected by your website. These are sensitive information which can be traceable by Hackers if prior security environment is not available. SSL Certificate is the best option to secure such customer information.

SSL not only built to secure user information, but it can also secure website from phishing scams, malware & threat attacks an other cyber attacks.

Why SSL is Golden-key for E-commerce business?

  1. It builds user trust
  2. Helps you to generate more revenue
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits, as SSL is ranking factor for Google search results.
  4. Secure website from Cyber Attacks
  5. Secure sensitive information

SSL mainly categories in 3 Types
1. Domain Validation – used is to secure small level domains.
2. Organization Validation – used to secure medium/large level business
3. Extended Validation – Used to secure large scale E-commerce business.

 So for E-commerce website security Extended Validation (EV) SSL suits best.

Do I need an SSL certificate for an Ecommerce website?

How do I use OpenNLP to do coreference resolution?


Answer by David Dearing:

Coreference Resolution is hard, so no guarantee that OpenNLP will actually solve this specific problem, but I recently wrote a series of blog posts for leveraging OpenNLP 1.5.x tools.  It's a bit dense to copy here, so here's a link with more details:

Making Coreference Resolution with OpenNLP 1.5.0 your bitch

At a high level, you will need to load the appropriate OpenNLP coreference model libraries and also the WordNet 3.0 dictionary.  Given those dependencies, initializing the linker object is pretty straightforward:

// LinkerMode should be TEST
//Note: I tried LinkerMode.EVAL before realizing that this was the problem
Linker _linker = new DefaultLinker("lib/opennlp/coref", LinkerMode.TEST);

(aside: it sure would be nice to have some code formatting here, Quora)

Using it, however, is a bit less obvious.  You need to:

  1. Break the content down into sentences and the corresponding tokens
  2. Create a Parse object for each sentence
  3. Wrap each sentence Parse so as to indicate the sentence ordering:
    final DefaultParse parseWrapper = new DefaultParse(parse, i);
  4. Use the Linker to get the Mention objects from each parse
    final Mention[] extents =
  5. Finally, use the Linker to identify the distinct entities across the Mentions
    DiscourseEntity[] entities = _linker.getEntities(arrayOfAllMentions);

How do I use OpenNLP to do coreference resolution?

Non è occidentale, l’argine più forte all’avanzata dell’isis è composto da Donne curde e musulmane

Non è occidentale, l’argine più forte all’avanzata dell’isis è composto da Donne curde e musulmane

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C’è una sorta di disonestà intellettuale nelle parole di chi in queste ore taccia come una guerra di religione l’avanzata del terrorismo dell’Isis in occidente. Disonestà intellettuale di coloro che la guerra la vogliono fare a tutti i costi all’Islam, forti di una approssimativa conoscenza di ciò che sta realmente accadendo al di fuori dal nostro rassicurante perimetro di analisi e anteponendo in maniera abbastanza chiara la propria insofferenza verso una non meglio specificata realtà araba, alla sicurezza di tutti.

In realtà se l’occidente non perdesse il proprio tempo a combattere la propria personalissima guerra a suon di propaganda politica di fine e tradizionale fattura nei più seguiti salotti televisivi, saprebbe che esiste già un argine che da quasi due anni combatte per bloccare l’avanzata dell’Isis e che nulla ha a che vedere con la religione perché di religioni è un vero e proprio put pourri

Dentro possiamo trovarci…

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Shadow Dancing with Chet


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Be the howling moon
or the quiet wind.

Be Orion and his
starlight shield.

Be the road with no
street signs.

Be waylaid plans;
the lost map.

Arrive on the sidewalk
without knowing where
you are going.

Be the lightning bug.
The crickets,
telling secrets to
the air.

Be the couple walking
into the privacy of

Be their watch. Be
their hands.

Be the cafe always
open late, slide
into the flow of
the coffee.

Be the noodle slip
off the novice’s
chopsticks. The
soup disappearing
in the bowl

Be the siren in the
distance, the choir
music filtering
through the door of
St. Michael’s

Be the
patrons leaving the

Be the drink in their
glass. The holy water
they swim in.

Turn left.
Turn right.

Be the narrow streets,
the high beams on a
city bus. The cab called
then waved off.

Be the cracks in

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